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1759 [12-09-11] AOD Archive Drivetime·2   참조열기   14
PART 3 Martians and Venusians w/ Jason Kifer Adrenaline Pumping Date Ideas (while we've still got some warm weather!)  Look, we're not saying that there's anything boring about a dinner-and-a-movie date. But at some point you might decide you're ready for a romantic..
1758 [12-09-11] AOD Archive Drivetime·1   참조열기   11
PART 1 OPENING Sam: It is DriveTime on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon!  Annabelle: The weather is nice, and we are happy to be with you for the next two hours!  S: We have got a lot in store for the next two hours as today is revolving door Tuesday, but for..
1757 [12-09-10] AOD Archive Drivetime·2   참조열기   15
PART 3 SONG  What am I like? [1] w/Mike Jones 
1756 [12-09-10] AOD Archive Drivetime·1   참조열기   15
PART 1 OPENING Annabelle: It is Drivetime on this wonderful September 10th... a Monday  Sam: You know, I usually hate Mondays, but this Monday I feel great! Monday is awesome!  A: I feel great too... there's something about this week that I really think i..
1755 [12-09-09] AOD Archive Sports Weekend 2   참조열기   19
[Special Interview] [The ShootOut with Edwin Ro]


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