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1754 [12-09-09] AOD Archive Sports Weekend 1   참조열기   11
[Around the Horn]  [Major League Sports with Matt Doty]
1753 [12-09-08] AOD Archive Sports Weekend 2   참조열기   15
[Fitness with Jinwoo]  [Bottom of the Ninth with Drew]
1752 [12-09-08] AOD Archive Sports Weekend 1   참조열기   14
[K-Zone with Danny Joo]  [Kick Off with 김태륭]
1751 [12-09-07] AOD Archive Drivetime·2   참조열기   12
PART 3 Did You Know...? [1] w/ Christina Sewell DID YOU KNOW SEGMENT - WEEK III  ● Have you ever wondered why you have nipples, Sam? Well, DID YOU KNOW that Men have nipples because, as an embryo, everyone is a female until the Y chromosome kicks in. &n..
1750 [12-09-07] AOD Archive Drivetime 1   참조열기   10
PART 1 OPENING Annabelle: It is DriveTime on this lovely Friday afternoon!  Sam: Friday Friday Friday! The day to fry things.. like BACON!  Annabel..


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