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3 [14-09-23] 5-7·Wake up Crew The Wake up Crew 1   참조열기   21
Part 1 Opening  Paul: What does happiness mean to you? Defining it can seem as elusive as achieving it…  Punita: We want to be happy and we can say whether we are or not, but can it really be defined and measured? &n..
2 [14-09-22] 5-7·Wake up Crew The Wake up Crew 2   참조열기   24
Part 3 You're listening to [The Wake Up Crew] on tbs eFM, 101.3 in Seoul and GFN 98.7 in 광주 and 93.7 in 여수.   - It's a brand new season here at tbs  - We are your hosts, Paul & Punita - We're here to wake you up and get you going for the day, every day from 5 to 7am! ..
1 [14-09-22] 5-7·Wake up Crew The Wake up Crew 1   참조열기   28
Part 1 Opening  Punita: Ever had the experience where you found something floating around in your meal before?   Paul: Like insects…objects…or just random particles?   Punita: What about in your drinks?   Paul: Most of you probably have…are ..


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