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763 Small talk 3 [10-11-23] AOD Archive Hot Topics   참조열기   11
Hot Topics  Speaking of loneliness…do you think love robots can end loneliness? Will share an interesting invention that may help! 
762 Small talk 3 [10-11-22] AOD Archive DT Surprise   참조열기   7
DT Surprise  Jung Sung Ha, child prodigy guitarist - The first Korean to hit over 100 million views on YouTube 
761 Small talk 3 [10-11-22] AOD Archive Hot Topics   참조열기   32
Hot Topics "Boy meets girl: How Facebook functions in modern romance?" 
760 Small talk 3 [10-11-19] AOD Archive Retune Weekly   참조열기   19
Retune Weekly (1) SMOOTH CRIMINALS Many famous musicians have spent a day or three in jail for driving drunk, holding drugs, or something really stupid. But only the select few have spent a serious stretch of time in prison. ..
759 Small talk 3 [10-11-19] AOD Archive Daily Drivetime Deci..   참조열기   10
Daily Drivetime Decider (1) Only 30% of people can wiggle their ears at will  Only 30% of people can expand and contract their nostrils at will.  Only 30 % of people fold their tongue    Daily Drivetime Decider (2) ..


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