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3 News 2 [09-04-01] 6-8pm·Primetime Seoul City News   참조열기   9
Seoul City News
2 News 3 [09-04-01] Morning News 7am Morning News   참조열기   105
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has once again offered North Korea a stern warning over its planned rocket launch.  Clinton told a news briefing in the Hague, Netherlands today that North Korea will suffer consequences i..
1 News 3 [09-04-01] Evening News 6pm Evening News   참조열기   20
■President Lee Myung-bak is calling on the National Assembly to approve a supplementary budget bill without change.  ■A South Korean worker remains in North Korean custody for a third day.  ■Korea has posted a trade surplus for Kimchi in the first two months of the year. &nb..


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