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18768 News 3 [16-07-17] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   10
National Assembly Speaker Chung Sye-kyun (정세균) says revising the Constitution is important to keep up with the changing times. Speaking in a ceremony to mark the country's 68th Constitution Day today, Chung expressed hope that changes could take place before the next president enters office in 2018...
18767 News 3 [16-07-17] 4pm·BBC Headlines BBC Headlines   참조열기   10
BBC 월드 뉴스
18766 News 3 [16-07-17] Evening News 6pm News   참조열기   13
Senior prosecutor Jin Kyung-joon (진경준) has been arrested on insider trading charges. It is the first time an incumbent senior prosecutor in Korea has been arrested. Katie Kim tells us more. Jin Kyung-joon, a senior prosecutor was arrest..
18765 News 3 [16-07-16] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   18
An army group in Turkey says it has taken over the country, with soldiers at strategic points in Istanbul and ..
18764 News 3 [16-07-16] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   10
[Anchor] The Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has appeared on television in Istanbul following an attempt by a section of the army to bring down his government. The president returned to the city from an unknown location shortly after. The Prime Minister said the situation was largely under c..


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