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18753 News 3 [16-07-14] Morning News 9am News   참조열기   25
[Anchor] Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May has taken office with a pledge that the country will forge a bold new road for itself as it leaves the European Union. Speaking on Downing Street after her appointment, May said her government would work for everyone and she directly addressed peopl..
18752 News 3 [16-07-14] 12pm News 12pm News   참조열기   19
 The Saenuri says the minor opposition People's Party should change its view and support the deployment of the THAAD missile defense system. Floor Leader Chung Jin-suk also suggested the..
18751 News 3 [16-07-14] 4pm·BBC Headlines BBC Headlines   참조열기   12
BBC 월드 뉴스
18750 News 3 [16-07-14] Evening News 6pm News   참조열기   17
[Anchor] President Park Geun-hye called for an end to needless bickering over the planned deployment of THAAD during a National Security Council meeting. The defense ministry meanwhile said minister Han Min-koo will visit Seongju County at the earliest date possible to convince residents that THAAD ..
18749 News 2 [16-07-13] 6-8pm·Primetime Seoul City News   참조열기   5
Seoul City News


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